Goldfish ka Scientific Naam – जानिए क्या है गोल्डफिश का साइन्टिफिक नाम

Goldfish ko hindi mai सुनहरी मछली bhi kaha jaata hai. Goldfish ka Scientific Naam Carassius Auratus (कैरासियस ऑराटस) hai. Log is Goldfish ko Pet Fish (पालतू मछली) ke rup mai bhi ghar mai rakhte hai.

Goldfish is the most popular Pet Fish all over the globe that is mostly used for decorative purposes in houses/offices/Shops. If you have ever seen any small fish with shining skin it might be a Goldfish.

Goldfish ka Scientific Naam and Bio:

kya aap ko pata hai Goldfish को Crucian carp भी कहाँ जाता है। To asha karta hu aap GoldFish ka Scientfic Naam Padh sake hongo. Agar ha to bolkar dekhiyega aasan hai Gold Fish ka Scientfic naam कैरासियस ऑराटस . गोल्डफिश की उत्पत्ति चीन में हुई और गोल्डफिश सबसे पहले यूरोप में 17वीं सदी के की शुरूआत में पाई गई।

Goldfish Scientific Name Carassius Auratus
गोल्डफिश का स्कीनटफ़िक नाम कैरासियस ऑराटस
Category (जाति)Carassius (कैरासियस)
Living Place (निवाश स्थान) Fresh Water (मीठा पानी) [6.5/8.5 P.H.]
Size20 CM
Life~5 Years
Temperature22°C to 25°C
Foodalgae, larvae
भोजनशैवाल,लार्वा,कीट आदि

How to Take Care of a Fish?

  • Maintain the Water Oxygen and Temperature level.
  • Also check for Water P.H. Level using the meter
  • Maintain Daylight so than Fish can Sleep
  • Fish likes peace so do not distrub them every time.
  • Do not Over Feed the Fish, or Water will get Contaminated.
  • Use Water Filters that automatically Filters Water Bacteria.

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Goldfish Types and Photographs गोल्डफिश के प्रकार और फोटो:

There are 10+ Types of Goldfish and photos presented below, you can go the market and ask for any of Goldfish you like. Also Ask more details or find online what type of food it needs.

  1. Common Goldfish
  2. Shubunkins Goldfish
  3. Comet Goldfish
  4. Ranchu Goldfish
  5. Ryukin Goldfish
  6. Telescope Goldfish
  7. Calico Goldfish
  8. Bubble Eye Goldfish
  9. Fantail Goldfish
  10. Lionhead Goldfish
  11. Butterfly Telescope Goldfish
  12. Veiltail Goldfish
  13. Egg-gish Goldfish
  14. Oranda Goldfish
  15. Pompom Goldfish
  16. Celestial Eye Goldfish
Common Goldfish
Common Goldfish
Comet Goldfish
Comet Goldfish
Shubunkins Goldfish
Shubunkins Goldfish
American Shubunkins Goldfish
American Shubunkins Goldfish


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