– Login to Router Admin is an IP address used by many popular routers like TP-Link, D-Link, Netgear, and some local company routers in your area. Anyways if your router is not using this IP address you can change the default gateway address to this address. or the Default Gateway Address is used to get logged in to the Wifi Router Admin panel where you can change anything. By logging in to the Router Admin Panel you can change your Wifi Password, Default Gateway, Wifi Name (SSID), Configure your Router Internet, set up guest wifi, add or block any user, and much more.

You can use the button shown above to visit the IP Address and get logged in to your Routers Admin Page.

Wrong IP Address: If you know how to type an IP address then you will not type the Wrong IP address. Note that an Ip address only contains numbers and dot no alphabet or space.

For example sometimes we mistype the zero as letter o or give space between two digits in IP address as 192.168. 0.1

Here is a List of Wrong IP Addresses:

  • 192.168.o.1
  • 192.168.0 .1
  • l92.l68.0.1
  • 192.168.0.l

How to Login to ?

Once you find out your Wifi router Default IP address it is very easy to get logged in to the router admin page. First, make sure your Laptop/PC or Mobile is connected to your Wifi Router and follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the Router Default Gateway Address let say (use the button above to visit)
  • Then You will see one page with Username and Password option
  • Enter your router Username and Password. (you can enter admin admin as username and password)
  • Then Press the Login button and you are loggin in to Router’s Admin Page.

Now you can go to the Wireless setting option to change your Wifi name and Password. You set up your router Internet connection or Create a new Guest wifi account for new guests at your home.

Why is 192.168. 0.1 not opening?

There are lots of possibilities that your router IP is not opening, please go through the following conditions check them, and then try again.

  1. Are you connected to your Wifi Router?
  2. Is your Router Default IP
  3. Check the Login Page by Clicking Here.
  4. If Still the Login Page is not opening; then your Router IP is not try another IPs.
  5. If you have forgotten the Login IP reset your router.

What is the Username and Password for

In case you do not know what is your router admin login username and password you will find the same at your router’s backside below the default gateway address.

here are some popular usernames and passwords for routers that use IP Addresses.

admin <blank>
admin[email protected]
admin[email protected]
<blank> <blank>
admin[email protected]

Do More with IP on your Router:

Let’s see what else you can do with this IP on your router? There are several settings you can handle on your router, but be careful if you are not a technical guy and don’t understand this stuff don’t do this.

Taking any unnecessary action without any prior knowledge may lead you to confusion and you may need to Factory reset your wifi Router.

Check the list below you can do on Your Router:

  • Setup the Internet Connection with ISP
  • Create Network Connection with Lan and WiFi
  • Change Wifi Name and Password
  • Create a New Wifi for Guest for limited time access
  • Change Router Admin Username and Password
  • Change the Router Default Login IP address
  • Set Parentel Congrol (Supported by Few Routers)
  • Update the Router Firmware (Software) Version
  • Factory Reset your Router

How to Change Router Wifi SSID and Password?

If your neighbor is hacking your Wifi Password and using it without your permission you can change your Wifi Router Password by Loggin into the Router Admin Page

Follow the steps given below to change your router wifi password in 1 minute.

  • First get logged in to your routers Admin Page.
  • Now go to Settings >> Wireless Security there you will see two options (SSID and Password)
  • To Change your Wifi Name you can change the SSID.
  • To Chagne Wifi Password change the security option from None to WPA/WPA2
  • Then below enter your Wifi Password that you want Minimum 8 Characters.
Change Your Router Wifi Name and Password

Congrats by using this trick you have successfully changed your Router Wifi Name and Password in 1 Minute.

How to Change Router Default IP Address ?

First, take your router in your hand, and check the sticker at the backside of your router there look for the default gateway. The default gateway is your router’s default Admin Login IP address.

If your wifi router’s default gateway address or the admin IP address is hard to remember you can change that address to this IP address. You just have to follow some steps given below and done.

  • First of all connect your PC/Laptop/Mobile to your Wifi Router
  • Then Get Logged in to the Router Admin Page.
  • Now Go to Advance Settings >> Network Settings >> Lan OR TCP/IP
  • There you will see Router IP Address and Subnet Mask
  • Carefully change the Router IP Address to and Subnet Mask to
  • Now do not change anything else and click on the Save Button.

This will log you out of your wifi router admin page and your router will restart itself (if not reboot your router power). Then Visit the new IP Address that and there you will see your wifi router admin Login page.

How to Find Router Default IP Address?

Most of the time after using the wifi router for a very long time we forgot the default IP address to log in to the Admin Page. And if you have changed the default router IP address that is given at the backside of your router then you are in the worst condition.

If the router Ip address is the same but you still can not log in then you need to check the default gateway from your pc or reset your router.

If your router does not support this IP address then you can find out the address by following the method.

  • Make sure your PC is connected to the Router with LAN
  • Now go to Control Panel >> Network & Internet >> Change Adapter Settings
  • Now you will see multiple connection on this window choose the right Ethernet you are using now.
  • Right Click on the Ethernet and select Status option.
  • A new window will open now click on the Details Button
  • Again one new window will get open there find Default Gateway you will see your Router Default IP Address.
How to Find Router Default Gateway IP address
Find Router Default Gateway OR Admin IP Address


This IP is the Most Popular used IP address for Network configuration and Router Default Gateway. We tried to cover all necessary issues that you face with this IP. But if you need more help you can use the comment box below and ask us any question.

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